Vanc Pharm Changes Name to Avricore Health Inc. (TSXV:AVCR)

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Make sure you keep an eye on Avricore Health Inc. (TSXV:AVCR). The company announced a name change last week from Vanc Pharma (TSXV:VANC) to Avricore Health Inc. (TSXV:AVCR) which is in itself a symbolic step, but it signals important changes and new initiatives. According to their update on the name change, the company is committed to becoming a health innovator, applying technologies at the forefront of science to core health issues at the community pharmacy level.

Their most recent corporate update surely paves way for an extremely bright future. But looking back at their track record, they have never strayed away from their goal of empowering consumers, patients and pharmacists with innovative products and services. They pioneered the 60-second INSTI HIV test on the Canadian market, as well as rolling out the HealthTab service, which is based on space technology that Avricore Health has made accessible to the general public at pharmacies.
There is no question in my mind that Avricore Health is at the forefront of their industry and has been for the last several years since Bob Rai took over reigns. Bob is a one-deal focused type of executive we don’t see too often in Vancouver. Although he’s permanently moved to Toronto to be closer to the company’s key customers, Bob has never lost sight of his focus on creating value for his shareholders. He’s leveraged his relationship with Emerald Health (TSXV:EMH) which helped propel the stock to over $0.70/share and continues to do so with Avricore’s pivot into the cannabis industry as well as bringing on some of the most well-known and recognized pharmaceutical tycoons in the industry.

I’m not sure if you had a chance to read it or not, but at the end of September, the company announced that it had contracted Lampyon Canada Inc. to extend Avricore’s proprietary education and e-commerce portal, the Corozon Platform, with medical cannabis education and new sales capabilities. The story didn’t have the impact I thought it would, which is totally fine by me as I see this as a major opportunity for investors that truly take the time to understand its value-add proposition.

According to the release:

Lampyon will produce a series of new modules for “Corozon Academy,” the educational section of the platform, aimed at teaching community pharmacists about the endocannabinoid system, endocannabinoid enhancers and medical cannabis. The new educational modules, created in collaboration with internationally recognized pharmacists and based on scientific principles, will be one of the first of their kind to educate community pharmacists on medical cannabis in Canada.

The modules will focus on the key medical and business facets of medical cannabis that will be important to community pharmacists. The modules will be divided into four principal segments with various modules focused on basic scientific information on the endocannabinoid system and cannabis, medical facets of cannabis, cannabis use in conjunction with modern pharmaceutical medicines and consulting with the medical cannabis user.

Bob went on to say in the press release:

“Our relationship with Emerald Health has reinforced the importance of this emerging area to community pharmacy. Eventually, all community pharmacies will have to address questions related to cannabis from patients or possibly even prescribe medical cannabis. The Corozon Platform positions us to be a key participant in this emerging area in community pharmacy.”

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, this agreement couldn’t be more instrumental in adding value to Avricore shareholders. Even though the market didn’t react parabolically as many thought it would, it does however position the company to be the first to penetrate and merge both the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry. As cannabis becomes even more medically accepted (as we all know it will), Avricore will look to make sure its Corozon educational platform is the only tool pharmacies around the country use to learn about the industry. Not only that, but as more and more countries around the world begin to legalize it, this tool could even become the industry’s gold standard.

We need to look at the big picture here. Not what Avricore has achieved over the last quarter, but what it can achieve over the next year. Big scores aren’t made over quarters but over years as intelligent and determined management teams position their companies to penetrate where the market is going years down the line and that’s exactly what Bob and his team are doing.

At $0.15/share and a $5.5M market cap, there has never been a better time to keep a close eye on Avricore Health. The company still only has around 40M shares issued and outstanding which leaves plenty of upside potential for incoming shareholders. It’s a joke that the company is trading where it is given its recent milestones and its current trajectory but that’s just the market we’re in, so we better take advantage of it.

As Bob and his team look to expose the story to new investors around the world, don’t be surprised to see increased activity in the market. Once investors understand the company’s current focus and what they hope to achieve over the next twelve months, I expect a lot more interest to come into the story so make sure you stay tuned.

To help with their case, I will be covering the company a lot closer, making sure subscribers are well up-to-date with its activities on a monthly basis. I will be issuing a Q&A interview with Bob Rai over the coming weeks as well as a podcast so you can get a better sense of his passion and determination for success.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.


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