Why is Planet Ventures (TSXV:PXI) Best Positioned to Take Advantage of the Crypto Market?

As many of you might have seen, the Blockchain sector in Canada (and frankly all over the world) has been going bananas and investors are making millions overnight through getting in on investments early. For example, Global Blockchain Technologies (TSXV:BLOC), which represents more than a 18X return for early investors.

I scoured through my investment network searching for the best opportunity that could give access to a portfolio of “Blockchain Unicorns” – and I finally found it with Planet Ventures Inc. (TSXV:PXI).

In short:

Planet Ventures (TSXV:PXI) is positioning itself to be a leading investment issuer in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, providing investors exposure to a wide range of investments in the crypto/blockchain markets. Planet invests in ICOs (initial coin offerings), and its management is focused solely on creating shareholder value by exposing its investors to multiple opportunities in the crypto/blockchain market. The company’s initiative is to empower entrepreneurs developing disruptive technologies in the blockchain space and provide them with the necessary capital and expertise to assist them in revolutionizing the industry.

Through the company’s vast network of key blockchain advisors, Planet has made several strategic investments that I believe could drastically change their valuation in the coming months:

FinX Solutions Inc. – FinX focuses on the development and marketing of white-label blockchain-technology-integration solutions for existing financial businesses.

Walter.AI – Walter.AI is a decentralized, blockchain-based protocol that incentivizes creating, sharing and maintaining data feeds by a global community of researchers and analysts. Through a token economy, community members participate in both governance and value of the network.

CanYa – The CanYa platform is the bridge between the 2 trillion dollar service economy of the world and the crypto-community.


Overall, why Planet Ventures (TSXV:PXI)?

  • Successful management team
  • One of the smallest market caps in the blockchain sector
  • Portfolio approach to investing in the blockchain/crypto sector giving investors access to a wide range of opportunities
  • Over $5M in cash and liquid securities to take advantage of the growing market
  • Opportunity to invest in some of the most sought-after ICO’s on the market

For more information on PXI’s portfolio, please visit their website here:

Disclosure: The author is a shareholder of Planet Ventures Inc.


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